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Friday, April 8, 2011

Last stop before Everest base camp

Greetings! Today we are trekking from Lobuche (where we spent the last 2 nights) to Everest base camp. Currently we are taking our last break in Gorak Shep, this is the last outpost before base camp. There is a new cell tower here in Gorak Shep (means dead Gorak (black bird)), so we are now able to use our cell phones & connect to the internet, however it's a slow connection. We hope to have this access in base camp as well.

In this photo guide Ben Jones & climber Mike Gibbons are smiling just outside our tea house in Gorak Shep, with the top of Everest just above (the black pyramid just above & left of Mike). The climbing group is doing well & excited to arrive base camp shortly!


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