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Friday, April 1, 2011

Resting in Namche

This morning the team went for a short acclimatization hike from our lodge in Namche, the Panorama, to the Syanboche air strip above town. This is where loads are flown from Lukla to begin the trip to base camp on Yaks. We continued up to the Everest View Hotel, a very Zen like building built by the Japanese years ago. This hotel has a great view of Everest, however today the clouds obscured the view, so we will just have to wait a few days more for our first sighting of Everest.

This afternoon the team took advantage of the internet cafe in Namche, and enjoyed more pastries & coffee while blogging and checking in with family & friends. Tomorrow we plan to hike to Thame, the village where Lakpa Rita Sherpa, our sirdar, grew up. Lakpa is the first Sherpa (& first Nepali person) to climb the 7 summits, and has been a guide for Alpine Ascents for many years.

Pictured left to right Ben, David, Tom, Mike, Louis, & Andrew

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