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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Team is back in base camp, climbers preparing to head home to USA

Today the climbing team arrived back in base camp after leaving from
Camp 2 and descending the Western CWM and the Khumbu Icefall. We were
able to take showers, get a good meal, and relax in our "home away
from home." At this point we are all preparing to head home.

To recap our climb:
The climbing team reached the summit of Everest on May 19 between 7:30
- 8 AM. We had a little wind in the morning but the day turned out to
be a great one! We had 100% success because all climbers made it to
the top and back down safely.

On May 20 the Lhotse team (Garrett Madison, Tom Halliday, Kami Rita Sherpa)
made the summit of Lhotse at about 4: 20 AM. We had another great
day, and encountered a few climbers going up the couloir when we were
on our way down.

We achieved our goal of going "peak to peak" in less than 24 hours,
and had great climbing conditions throughout the days we spent at high
altitude. We could not have been successful without the support of
our very hard working & extremely proficient Sherpa team. Thanks to
all who were following our climb!

Garrett Madison

Photo 1: On the summit of Everest (May 19, 8:14 AM)
Photo 2: On the summit of Lhotse with Everest SE ridge behind (May 20, 4: 45 AM)

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